A smarter, easier way to use contests
to maximize your launch traffic & sales

contest app is an automated, effective solution for contests
that MOTIVATE affiliates to promote your launches

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Gamification is great for increasing customer retention & sales.
Contests can be a great way to motivate affiliates.

But while automated solutions exist for incentivizing CUSTOMERS …
Running affiliate contests is a time-consuming, manual process.

Meaning? Valuable Time & Money Spent:

  • Tracking sales & stats during every launch
  • Creating leaderboard updates with details affiliates want to know
  • Hours individually messaging affiliates on where they stand
  • Paying others to do all this for us

Time & money that COULD be better used optimizing
conversions & recruiting affiliates

That’s Why We Created Contest App

  • This software automates every aspect of your launch contests from setup to completion.
  • Run one or multiple contests at the same time …
  • Give your affiliates all the key stats they need.
  • Save hours of time while motivating your affiliates to keep promoting.

use contest app for more launch traffic

Quickly and easily set up overall launch contests.

Define minimums, prizes, teams and customize based on dollar or unit sales.

Schedule start/end times & dates by timezone … the app tracks everything from start to finish.

Create custom contests.

Add daily, speed, mid and closing contests based on your parameters.

Create custom contests for anything you can imagine … 1st to 10 sales by lunchtime … get as creative as you want.

Use your own branding.

Add banners, logos, even avatars for affiliates (or they can upload their own).

Personalize your contest with a unique spin based on your product and USP.

Share LIVE updated contest details however you want.

Get an embed code for your JV page … or a URL for sharing across social media & in email broadcasts. Show ALL affiliates INSTANTLY where they stand on your board.

* This is a MASSIVE time-saver over the current method of messaging affiliates to let them know their status

Track affiliate performance across ALL your launches.

See at a glance which affiliates drive the most sales for both current AND previous launches.

Know ahead of time which affiliates to approach to promote your next launch.

Showcase contest winners automatically and make prize payment a breeze.

Affiliates can add their paypal details to their profiles so when they win, you can pay them directly without messaging for their info

here's how it works:

Sync Contest App to your JVZoo account …
it connects via API.

Enter the funnel product IDs you want included in the contest, and their commission rates.

Add details about your contest & schedule

Choose the types of contests you want to run.
Set your start & end times & dates, then customize your branding.

Publish your contest

Let us host your page for you or embed the content on your own page.

Once published, the software tracks ALL metrics of your contest so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

why contest app?

Today’s launch space is COMPETITIVE.

Simply put, most affiliates don’t send as many promotions to our launches as we’d like.

Contests help but … the key is getting affiliates
CONNECTED & INVOLVED with your contests.

Contest App bridges the gap between your launch incentives & your affiliates … by appealing to both financial AND psychological motivators.

A spot on your leaderboard, bragging rights and beating a competitor
is often enough for someone to mail out again.

When someone knows they’re just 4 sales away from a potential top prize?

They’ll keep firing for the win.

easier for you … more fun for EVERYONE

The live leaderboards generated by Contest App look great and are a lot of fun.

You can include avatars for each affiliate … or they can upload their own. A live feed shows sales as they come in … by the minute.

Share your live contests on your JV page, social profiles / groups, or email via embed code or url.

huge time saver

Affiliates can sign up for notifications to be updated on exactly where they stand in your launch. The software then pings them with any key status changes … if they’ve dropped a place, or how many sales they need to make to move up a spot.

Affiliates get ALL the statistics they need ... WITHOUT you having to look anything up and PM them with every change.

healthy competition

Contest App isn’t just for vendors - it’s for affiliates too.

Registered affiliates can choose to fill out a personal profile that’s linked to their JVZoo account.

The software shows the affiliate rating, contests won, average place and prizes.

Giving extra incentive to affiliates to build up their profiles by making even more sales.

Once you post your leaderboard link, anyone registered to your launch can share that link socially …

It’s a fun form of ‘bragging rights’ and can encourage even more friendly competition.

full transparency AND information security

The API integration with JVZoo means your contest stats are 100% accurate & transparent.

Contest participants see the stats live as they happen.

They’ll know at any time exactly where they rank in your contests and have no one to blame but themselves if they miss out on a prize!

EPCs & commissions are shown for each affiliate on your board … but you can choose to show, hide or customize these details.

Contest App does NOT store any data - it simply relays stats from JVZoo. Any info an affiliate would want protected is never saved within the app.

Give YOUR Affiliates
A BETTER Reason To Promote

Contests work … but ONLY when people know about them.

Contest App makes it easy to SPREAD THE WORD about both your launch AND your incentives.

As word gets around, affiliates are going to start looking for launches using Contest App:

  • Full transparency.
  • Live updated stats.
  • Bragging rights.
  • Instant notifications for registered users.

Be The Vendor With Launches
Affiliates CAN’T WAIT To Sign Up For

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